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Galleries are Down

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Hello everyone. I imagine that you're wondering what happened today when suddenly the message board and both galleries went down.

Well, it seems that Dreamhost had updated the backend software and the versions of the 4images and phpBB didn't support the new software and they stopped working. I was not made aware of the upgrade, so I wasn't able to make any efforts to do database backups.

After a bit of a panic on my part (part of which was self-inflicted), I calmed down and got this board back up and running. Sadly, our most recent backup was from November 2, 2019, so we've lost some posts. We do have them on another database, but restoring them is for another day.

As to the image galleries. The images themselves are still on the server and untouched. The issue is getting the 4images gallery software to install and run and talk to the databases that tell you where everything is so you can browse, view and so on.

I don't have an ETA on the restoration of the galleries at this time. But I will continue to work on getting everything else up and running.

Sorry for any inconvenience and a Happy Thanksgiving.
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